The Moonlight Catcher

The moon has always been a source of mystery and enchantment to people of all times and has lit up our imagination for centuries. The Moonlight Catcher is made of selected Dupont Tyvek. Wrinkled silver Tyvek which has a unique texture that perfectly represent the impact craters look on the moon’s surface.

Double-layer | Extraordinary Storage Space

Secured zipper layer for important things like your wallet or keys. Front button layer for ready-to-use items. The Moonlight Catcher is not only a handbag which is extremely light to carry, but it also can be a shoulder bag by adding a strap with rings through the loops at both ends.


Weather Resistant

DuPont Tyvek is a material that features all the best properties of paper, film and fabric. Tyvek is  also highly resistant to water, tears and punctures, so The Moonlight Catcher is adaptable to any extreme weather.

Zenlet 2 Series